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by on Jun.29, 2009, under Storage

Animator, Artist – Are You Nuts? Probably – but There is Help!

I was talking to my friend, Carl Jacobson, from Cakewalk a while back about a psychological curriculum for artists.  Okay, I know, Cakewalk creates audio software, not what you&aposd normally call "visual computing" software but stick with me on this for a minute – I have a tough time separating audio from visual (actually, I think anyone that separates audio from visual is either blind, deaf, or just plain nuts – the two are forever entertwined), and I think Carl&aposs the same way.  We were talking about the difficulties artists and musicians have in this world – and maybe how we could build some sort of self-help program around that.

The truth is – if you&aposre an artist, you have a lot to deal with that no one else does. Sure, your wife, girlfriend, kids – they have to deal with YOU, but not with what you&aposre going through.

Artists HAVE to create art. It&aposs isn&apost something you "like to do," it&aposs something "you have to do."

With a lot of luck, you may have made the creation of art your living. Sadly, most artists have made their living doing something else – which means sleep, a family life, any sort of normal existence, is out the window. If you&aposre an artist doing anything but creating art – you still create art – you just do it in place of sleep and everything else.

Some artists and musicians who do "other things" to make a living, buy all the equipment to create their art – but rarely have time to use it.  I liken the equipment you buy to treasure anchored to the bottom of the sea  - you can use it all you want – but only as long as you can hold your breath.  Being an artist, and not making your living that way, is tough.

So what can you do when there isn&apost enough time in the day?

You can be organized – a tough call for most of us with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees – and you can also make sure you&aposre using technology that&aposs so fast, and so transparent, that you can spend more time creating with it than learning how to use it.

I&aposm lucky. I work with some of the top folks who create some of the best technology for art and music in the world. I&aposll point you to it  whenever and wherever I can.

- Pitz


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