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How Do You Inspire, Win Hearts, and Dare we Say it, “Sell?”

by on Jul.08, 2010, under Storage

How Do You Inspire, Win Hearts, and Dare we Say it, “Sell?”

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The Untapped Business Opportunity of “Emotion.”

I happened to have lunch yesterday with Barry Burke, an EMC Chief Technology Strategist, blogger, and overall communication/presentation pro, and we got on the subject of the role of emotions in decision making.   Think OPPORTUNITY. Think “information and technique” that they don’t teach readily schools, or in most places of business.

(Personally, I became convinced of the power of emotion in decision making — even multi-billion dollar decisions — when I ran EMC’s Investor Relations function in the 1990s.)

Barry lit up on the subject, and referenced a recent post he made on it with regard to using this knowledge for effective presentations.  To support his epiphany, he shared this TED video — which I am now shamelessly ripping off.

Watch it. Then examine a recent connecting/inspiring/selling communication opportunity you had recently. 

Now ask yourself if there is anything you might change, by way of approach, to elevate the connection you could have with your audience?

PS:  I got invited to my first TED today, taking place in Boston.  Color me excited.

———————– Talk Back —————————

What research or anecdotes do you have to prove, or disprove this “science” as the speaker, Simon Sinek, called it?

I was captivated when reading a book, a year or so ago, by Michael Lee Stallard called, “Fired Up or Burned Out,” when Michael pointed to this same unbalanced-for-results, left brained/right brained behavior in business communication with employees. 

As Michael pointed out, most FORTUNE 500 execs are the data-driven type.  They talk to you in data terms. They tell you what to do.  BUT, most decision making is done on an emotional level.  When we share “why” we want to do things, and let our people help figure out “what” to do to meet the “why’s” objective, everyone will be better for it.  When we show people we CARE (here we go with that “warm,” soft-stuff-at-work I keep evangelizing), we work to build connection and trust … which fuels “hard,”and wonderful business results.

Yes? No?

Thanks for engaging.

– Polly
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