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Intel® AMT 5.1.1 SDK

by on Aug.12, 2009, under Storage

New Download Available: Intel® AMT 5.1.1 SDK

Hi – It&aposs been a while since we talked about the latest Intel® AMT Software Development Kit. Not a whole lot has changed moving from Intel® AMT 5.0 to Intel® AMT 5.1.1. For AMT 5.1.1 the changes were mostly bug fixes. For more information regarding known issues, please refer to the readme file in the Intel® AMT 5.1.1 SDK.

Main features in the 5.1.1 SDK:

  • Secure Audit Log (also known as "Access Monitor") – Configuration and samples (4.0 & 5.0).
  • Client Initiated Remote access (CIRA) – Manageability Presence Server (MPS) sample provided, configuration support & most samples updated to support working remotely (4.0 & 5.0).
  • Network Access Protection (NAP) – System Health Validator (SHV) sample (4.0 & 5.0).
  • Samples for additional DASH 1.0 profiles – &aposRole Based authorization (ACL)&apos, WS-Eventing & DASH Discovery support (3.2 – apart from WS-Eventing, 4.0 & 5.0).
  • USB configuration has been updated to support many configuration options.
  • Wireless configuration WS-Management support (4.0).
  • New event log interface (3.2, 4.0 & 5.0).
  • Alarm clock feature (5.1).
  • DASH 1.0 support (5.1). This change has caused some backward compatibility issues. Additional information can be found in Intel AMT WS-Management Capabilities Comparison.pdf document, in the DOCS folder.
  • IMRSDK.Dll can now work with a Certificate singed by a root CA with a 4096 key & SHA 512 algorithm (5.1).


The following Microsoft hot fixes are required to work correctly in some situations:

  • KB889388 – Digest DLL crash when connecting to an Intel AMT machine from 2 applications simultaneously.
  • KB899900 – For using Kerberos authentication to connect to an Intel AMT device.
  • KB908209 – For using Kerberos authentication to connect to an Intel AMT device using Internet Explorer.
  • KB842773 – For using digest authentication from a Windows application to connect to an Intel AMT device on which Kerberos users are configured.
    • Note: this is included in Windows XP* SP2 and in Windows Server 2003* SP1.

SOAP APIs: As we all know, WS-MAN is slowly replacing the old SOAP interface and in this version of the SDK, several previously existing SOAP commands are now deprecated. The samples in this SDK release only use new API calls. This means that the samples in this SDK release (or applications developed using them) might not work with machines using Intel AMT releases older than 4.0. SOAP commands supported from Intel AMT 1.0 and deprecated in Intel AMT 2.0 are not supported by Intel AMT 4.0 devices. These functions are supported by the WSDL files for working with previous generations of Intel AMT.

  • Exceptions to this are the Discovery sample and the Configuration Server sample, which demonstrate, respectively, how to find Intel AMT machines and how to configure them. Both of these samples will work with Intel AMT machines regardless of their release version.
  • For samples demonstrating the usage of older (deprecated) SOAP API, please refer to older releases of the Intel AMT SDK.

Ahem….. This might be a great place to pitch the High Level API package that we have recently placed onto our Manageability Community Web Page. The High Level APIs are built on top of WS-MAN and are intended to remove the complexities of writing AMT software using the regular SDK samples (means you don&apost have to be a WS-MAN guru to write code for AMT!!.) While this package does not yet support all features, it does support HW Inventory, Storage, Power Control, and soon it will support Redirection. The dlls can be brought into an SDK project so that the developer can choose between implementing a feature using the SDK samples, or the High Level API Samples. Our intern, Stephen Hibbert has implemented features using the HLAPI package – see his blog here and you can also read up on Aharon&aposs blogs about the HLAPI package. We would love to get feedback from you!

Release Details

  • Please see the readme and versions files for more information about this release.
  • Need more help? Refer to the FAQs or get expert advice from the Developer Discussion Forum


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