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PowerShell 2.0 Coming Soon – What’s New? – Part 2

by on Jul.13, 2009, under Storage

PowerShell 2.0 Coming Soon V Whats New? – Part 2

Last week, I talked a little about some of the cool new features of PowerShell 2.0. Today, I’ll go over a few more and give you a way to share your experiences with PowerShell and the Compellent SAN.

PowerShell Integrated Script Editor (ISE)
I’m not sure about you, but starting out with PowerShell v1, I wrote a lot of scripts using Notepad.  As PowerShell became more popular, so did scripting editors for the PowerShell language.  Some were free and some were quite expensive.  Surprisingly enough, even though PowerShell was a Microsoft scripting language, they never added PowerShell language support for Visual Studio. 

With the release of PowerShell v2 comes the addition of the ISE, or the Integrated Script Editor.  This provides a GUI for script developers and also some nice features like syntax color coding and a form of IntelliSense, although that’s not they really call it.   It’s essentially auto-completion for cmdlet names.
Although it is a nice free addition that provides a better editor than using Notepad, it still falls short of some of the more professional editors on the market.

Script Functions
For the non-developer types, the inability to create your own homegrown cmdlets was a shortfall.  All cmdlets had to be coded in a managed-code language like C# and then compiled into a snap-in DLL to be accessed from the PowerShell command line.  In PowerShell v2, you can now create your own cmdlets via script functions.  It’s really just that easy!

Backwards Compatibility
Especially for enterprise environments, it is important to understand whether an updated technology now means an incompatible technology.  In the case of PowerShell v2, any scripts that you designed in v1 are completely interoperable.  It is also important to note that if you design scripts in v2 that make use of cmdlets only available in that version, special syntax is available to check the version of PowerShell being used before the execution of the script.  Nice!
This also means that the current version of the Compellent Command Set for PowerShell is also compatible with v2 of PowerShell and should work just fine.

Compellent Customers: Share Your Experience
Have you tried your Storage Center PowerShell scripts with the new version of PowerShell?  Share your experiences with fellow Compellent customers who also use PowerShell.  Share your scripts, ideas, or PowerShell questions over at the Compellent Customer Portal.


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