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Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Open Source on Intel

by on Oct.19, 2009, under Storage

Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Open Source on Intel

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the Open Source at Intel website was going to have several focused topics about the intersection of Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Open Source. I wanted to highlight a few of those new topics here in this blog post.

Cloud Computing Spotlight: Virtualization&aposs Next Frontier

"Because of its strengths in collaborative, standards-based innovation, Open Source software holds great promise for moving the cloud forward. Building on the foundations of mature hypervisor technologies such as those in Xen* and KVM*, open Cloud Computing infrastructures will advance the ecosystem as a whole." Read more …

Project Spotlight: Xen and KVM Enablement for Trusted Computing

"The security of Cloud Computing is vital to end customers as they consider placing their data on public infrastructure. They need to be assured of a trusted environment, even as they share hardware with other organizations, cede administrative control to the cloud operator, and comingle data and applications of multiple security levels. Current work by Intel within the Xen* and KVM* projects is helping to advance that goal through a mixture of hardware and Open Source software technologies." Read more …

Ecosystem Spotlight on Virtualization

"Nowhere do the benefits of Open Source seem more compelling than in the burgeoning Cloud Computing space, where virtualization and advanced technologies create bright opportunities for innovative companies. To explore the enterprise perspectives on public and private clouds, Intel invited a panel of notable experts from Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and VMware to share their viewpoints at the Intel Developer Forum 2009." Read more …

Content Spotlight: Security in a Virtualized Environment Whitepaper

"As with any major change to an organization’s IT architecture, virtualization brings with it a number of new security challenges and considerations. The hardware and software ecosystem continually introduces new measures to help address these challenges. The security outlook around virtualization continues to unfold, including the following key changes to the physical security model." Read more …

Intel Expert Series: Billy Cox and Jun Nakajima

"Billy Cox is particularly involved in the development of strategic relationships between Intel and hypervisor projects, especially Xen* and KVM,* as well as cloud platforms such as the Eucalyptus project. Among his key goals are enabling trusted multi-tenancy in Cloud Computing environments." Read more …

"Jun Nakajima is a Principal Engineer at the Intel® Open Source Technology Center who focuses on Open Source virtualization projects, such as Xen and KVM. In fact, Jun wrote the first code for Xen to take advantage of Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) and continues to be recognized as one of the key contributors to Xen." Read more …

Platform Technology Spotlight

"In the application virtualization space, many Citrix customers are looking to simplify their environments by virtualizing their Citrix XenApp* servers on Citrix XenServer*. Citrix recently benchmarked its XenApp 5.0 application virtualization solution with new XenServer 5.5 on the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series and demonstrated dramatic performance benefits, compounded by the use of Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology." Read more …

You can visit the Open Source at Intel website for more information on open source at Intel.


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David Stewart talking about Moblin

by on Oct.15, 2009, under Storage

David Stewart talking about Moblin

We have been releasing several videos that were recorded in the Intel booth at OSCON, so if you are just catching up, you can still watch all of the earlier videos:

In this video, David Stewart, Senior Manager of the Open Source Product Engineering Team at Intel talks about some of the most important features of Moblin, an open source project focused on building a Linux-based platform optimized for the next generation of mobile devices including Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices, and In-vehicle infotainment systems. David talks about the importance of fast boot, fast shutdown, user experience, graphics advancements, web 2.0 integration, media, power usage and much more.

You can watch more of our open source videos on the multimedia page.


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by on Oct.14, 2009, under Storage

Nehalem-EX at Oracle Open World…who now does not know what Nehalem-EX is??? ;-)

Just wrapped up Oracle Open World…sitting at SFO, waiting for a flight back home. 

The event from a Nehalem-EX perspective was a success. Hit important points and accomplished what we had to deliver. 

Hit #1:  Michael Dell, in his key note, delivered Nehalem-EX message beautifully.  2.5x performance improvements coming from 9x memory bandwidth…compared to currently sold technology.  Thank you, Michael. 

Hit #2:  Dell placed Nehalem-EX demo at its Exhibit at Moscone West.  I missed seeing it in person but the Dell friends came to me reporting that the demo attracted a lot of attention from the audience.  Thank you again, Dell. 

Hit #3:  My Nehalem-EX demo at Intel booth was also a success.  The pre-production system ran throughout the event with 64 logical processors fully active with 1TB of Samsung DDR3 memory, running SPECjbb, stressing all the CPUs, cores, and threads.  Occasionally, I injected double-bit error to show off the MCA-Recovery function.  Windows 2008 R2 reported nicely that the system encountered a critical error but the system still running at full speed.  If not with MCA-Recovery function, I would have had blue screen each time I ran that error injection script and would have had to wait for few minutes to have the server come back up online. 

Also, I really liked the demographics of the audience this time.  Compared to the other events I went to this year, I had more conversations with the folks who actually purchase equipments, those who test new equipments at IT shops, and those from Oracle starting to realize that hardware choice does matter when selling Oracle software.  Many people specifically asked when Intel starts shipping Nehalem-EX and which specific OEM models would use Nehalem-EX.  I hope my responses to those folks were legitimate.  ;-)   I also hope Oracle sales folks now have true confidence that the Oracle software stack runs best on Intel, specifically, Nehalem-EX. 

Oracle Open World is said to be the largest IT event.  I believe that.  You don’t get to have lunch at the middle Mission St tarmac very often.  You don’t get to see four digit hotel bills very often for just couple night stay. Despite the fall storm hitting the peninsula dumping loads of water and gust knocking trees down on Tuesday, Intel booth continuously had heavy flow of traffic.  I admire the Intel team putting together our presence and admire the whole industry supporting the event. I also personally learned a lot from the event, meeting people, exchanging knowledge.  Three day booth duty is a tough one but worth it. 

Oh, and to wrap the whole trip up…

Hit #4:  cleared the wait list and getting home earlier with an earlier flight… 

AND…I wish today was Friday… 


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