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There is no mouse !

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Storage

There is no mouse !

A few days ago, I started getting really annoyed with scrollbars.
Scrollbars are obsolete.
Scrollbars must die.

I mean, really: you&aposre adding scrollbars out of the habit of putting them in, but what are they good for? I have this big wide screen and like to run my browser maximised. Most websites, like this blog, are designed to have a maximum width… Look at the far right: lo and behold, a scrollbar ! I hardly pay any attention to it because, hey, I just scroll using the mouse wheel. As long as I have a mouse, that is… Moving to the laptop, I realise the scrollbar is over there, living quite far away from what I read and I need to reach for its slider, with the trackpad, every time I want to reposition the page (and at 1920×1200, we&aposre talking about a very slim band to aim at). It gets frustrating, especially on sites that insist on repositioning the page if you click anywhere… I could mention plenty of applications, but let&aposs stick with the web browser: open a photo larger than your screen, click and it zooms… Now, move the photo around (yes, you nee d to use the scrollbars!!!). I&aposm sorry but this is dumb.

What drives me really mad is that it doesn&apost have to be like that. You could just grab the page and drag it to scroll in position. Perfectly precisely. With a mouse or with a trackpad. No need to make big gestures and reach for one corner of the screen to then come back to where you were… No need for complicated code either. And it&aposs not like it&aposs a new idea: Autodesk&aposs 3D Studio Max has been working like that ever since version 1.0…

Beyond the rant, the point I want to make today is that the world of PCs has been going mobile for many years now, and with the new generation of netbooks selling like the proverbial hot cakes, expecting people to use your UI with a mouse is more and more of a bad idea.

There is no mouse.
Design for the trackpad.
And this applies to you too, game developers!!!


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