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Throw Mom from the Train (figuratively…) – a must for artists…

by on Jun.29, 2009, under Storage

Throw Mom from the Train (figuratively…) – a must for artists…

Mom loves you.  She absolutely adores everything you do. That&aposs why, if you want to excel as an artist, you must throw Mom from the train – in a figurative sense anyway.

Why?  Because mom loves the early stages of your art – the messed up line drawings, the noodles and doodles – exactly the way they ARE.  Mom is your number one fan…

Okay, love is not a bad thing. Moms are not bad things. But here&aposs the problem: every great piece of art – concept, model, animation – every gorgeous piece of it – went through an "ugly stage."

Yes – truly ugly! I don&apost care how good your art is now – it was a sad, pathetic, ugly cherry pit once.  The weird thing is that it probably moved into that ugly stage right after an incredibly dynamic "noodle and doodle" stage.

And therein lies the problem – mom doesn&apost want those noodles and doodles to reach that "ugly stage," she doesn&apost want you to ruin it!

A lot of would-be great artists have, unfortunately, never thrown Mom from the train.  They came close – they noodled themselves into creating that amazing doodle. But then Mom&aposs sweet Siren&aposs voice cooed from somewhere deep within the coiled recesses of their cortex, "it&aposs beautiful just the way it is."

Man – that is death!

Don&apost be afraid of the ugly stage. Embrace it. It&aposs the portal to the nirvana of the best art you&aposll ever create! In fact, it&aposs a necessary piece of any art you&aposll create.

The great thing about digital art – especially using digital art tools that have layers as Photoshop, ArtRage, SketchBook Pro, and others do – is that you can even keep those cursed noodles and doodles for Mom as a separate layer – and then go through the ugly stage right over the top of them!

No one else has to see the ugly stage – but damn it – you sure enough went through it!

And you can always print out the doodles for Mom.

- Pitz

* Check out Uwe Maurer&aposs talk on ArtRage at our Siggraph booth last year.

Visit for animation tutorials, tricks and cheats.


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