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time Weather Simulation in Parallel with Simul Software

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Parallel Programming Talk #49 – For Real-time Weather Simulation in Parallel with Simul Software

Hello Parallel Programers & Intel Software Partners, I&aposm Aaron Tersteeg. Welcome to Episode 49 of Parallel Programming Talk. Joining me again is Dr. Clay Breshears.

Download and MP3 of the show.

Today on the show we&aposll be speaking with Roderick Kennedy, President and CEO of Simul. Simul is a software company specializing in innovative, lightweight solutions inspired by physics based in Manchester, England. Roderick is a specialist in game physics and simulation, has worked in the games industry since 1990, contributing to such titles as DID’s Eurofighter 2000, and Evolution Studios’ World Rally Championship series.

First the News:

Intel Threading Challenge PHASE 2

  • Problem 1 – "Strassen&aposs Algorithm" winner was iArchitect
  • Problem 2 – "Knights Tour" is CLOSED for submissions!
  • Problem 3 – "Graph Coloring" went live Sept 21 and is due October 9th

The University of Illinois is presenting a lecture on-line this Friday
XcalableMP: A Performance-Aware Scalable Parallel Programming Language for Distributed Memory System – Beyond PGAS Models Mitsuhisa Sato, Director for the Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba Friday, October 2, 2009 at 2:00 PM (Central Time) at 2405 Siebel Center for Computer Science.

Live video streaming*:

SC09 – Super Computer Conference is coming up November 14-20 in Portland, OR. The Intel Software network team will be participating in panels and on the show floor for the whole event.

Listener Questions Show is the first Tuesday of each month. October 6th is the next one. If you have a question or idea about the show send it in to

Intel Developer Forum was September 22-24. Our friends at Softtalkblog did a great job highlighting many of the great parallel programming sessions. Here are a  few excerpts:

In exciting news for developers, Intel CEO Paul Otellini has just announced the Intel Atom Developer Programme here at IDF2009 in San Francisco. The programme is aimed at developers who want to create new apps or port existing ones to Atom, enabling them to enter the vibrant market of internet-enabled devices. Intel will support developers with software development kits, technical support and community resources. Developers will also be able to trade code components (buy and sell), so they can accelerate their development time, and receive income from landmark innovations early, before they are part of an end product.

There were many technical sessions on Parallel Programming Technology and tools.

In the "Go Parallel" session James Reinders explain the language and library support available for developers today and compare it with what the future holds. Intel is now working on a language extension, based on Cilk++.

Intel Concurrent Collections now offers Linux support as well as a preliminary implementation for Haskell.

Victoria Gromova, one of Intel’s senior software engineers, explaining how developers can achieve forward scalability with Threading Building Blocks (TBB). Having been around for some time now, TBB is an Intel Open Source project, dedicated to facilitating parallel programming by providing a library of template classes and functions for C++ developers. In doing so, TBB helps developers achieve the two ‘holy grails’ of parallelism: correctness and performance.

Steve Teixera, product unit manager of parallel development tools at Microsoft, presented a session on the future of parallel programming with Intel Parallel Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio.

As many of you know there are many challenges to building parallel applications. It needs to be much easier, and people need to know how to tune their applications to make them efficient.

Steve outlined some of the ways that Intel and Microsoft have been cooperating to make multicore programming easier. Firstly, the concurrency runtime in Windows 7 helps to avoid resource conflicts between Intel Threading Building Blocks, Open-MP and Microsoft Parallel Pattern Library. Secondly, Intel Threading Building Blocks and Microsoft Parallel Pattern Library now share a common data structure for vector models. Thirdly, the concurrency runtime scheduler in Windows 7 enables load balancing, using work stealing so that a processor will take work from another processor’s queue if it has immediate capacity.

In another session, Mark Davis and Ravi Vemuri both with Intel, demonstrated how the Intel Parallel Advisor Lite can be used to model parallelism in serial code, to ease the transition towards parallel code. Intel Parallel Advisor Lite is in preview, and we invites you to download it, use it and submit your feedback. You can get a free copy at You will need Intel Parallel Studio, but can use an evaluation edition

There were many other technical presentation and Q&A sessions. Learn more about IDF, watch the videos and download the presentations at

Today&aposs Show:

Today on the show we&aposll be speaking with Roderick Kennedy, President and CEO of Simul. Simul is a software company specializing in innovative, lightweight solutions inspired by physics based in Manchester, England.

Roderick talked about his company, the market for his technology, and the process they used to multi-thread their application. We discussed his evaluation of OpenMP vs. Threading Building Blocks and his eventual decision to use Threading Building Blocks. Listen or watch the full show to understand their challenges and the impact on Simul Software&aposs weather application.  Download a case study and visit the Simul Software web site to learn more about the company and multi-threading positive impact on application performance.

Coming Up Next on Parallel Programming Talk:

The first Tuesday of the month is our Listener Questions show. October 6th is the next one. If you have a question or idea about the show send it in to


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