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Why do I work at EMC? For the 1%

by on Jun.11, 2009, under Storage

Why do I work at EMC? For the 1%

EMC logo Why do I work at EMC? For the 1%

This could be an odd post but the reason I like working at EMC is because it’s an object in motion. My team had it’s team meeting today and I flew in to the UK to attend. Around a not…

This could be an odd post but the reason I like working at EMC is because it’s an object in motion.

My team had it’s team meeting today and I flew in to the UK to attend. Around a not so large table were people working across the entire technology spectrum of the company.

Specialists from Storage Products, Information Protection and Data Center Virtualization, Cloud Infrastructure, Information Security, Resource Management, the works. Pretty much someone from every segment except Content Management and you could feed us all with two large pizzas.

When we get together we talk about Macro-EMC, it’s about the entire Effect not just a few point products in your particular specialist area. When you speak in front of your peers there’s a real risk of getting hammered by them. It’s not malicious just inquisitive and it keeps you sharp for when you’re speaking to people who aren’t co-workers.

I also like the fact that I’m left alone to just get on with things. I work better that way.

I’m not going to say is that it isn’t stressful.

It is.

Depending on who you’re dealing with and what time in the quarter it is EMC can be very stressful. Some people focus under the pressure while other people fold. That’s fine by me but I’d rather you fold fast and go work somewhere else. I have enough on my mind without wondering if someone is going to fumble the ball once again when what I need them to do is move it down the field.  

For those who focus under pressure you learn quickly that you can’t operate at this level and micromanage everything, it’s like moving from playing three games of chess at the same time to playing three games of table tennis at the same time.

One person doesn’t scale, so you really do need other people to be capable of doing their jobs and doing them well.

Things will go wrong and if like me you are your own harshest critic failure is a miserable brooding experience which will play on your mind long after everyone else has moved on.

A wise owl at the company smelling a whiff of defeat off of me a few days after I made what I considered to be an unforgivable screw up gave me great food for thought as we trudged through the Massachusetts snow.

When you feel that things got away from you in a situation I want you to commit to yourself that you’ll do better next time. No one can ask you more than that. You can’t ask yourself any more than that. Remember the situation but shed the emotion tied up in it. But alternately when you do a good job on something be sure to remind yourself that this is how good you truly are.

It’s not you at your best or you at your luckiest, it’s just you being you and that’s the reason it was a success.

I’ve tried to keep that piece of life experience in mind when things have gone well and when things have blown up in my face. I’ll admit that it’s easier to follow when things have gone well, but you’ll dig yourself into an early grave if you don’t try and leave the negatives while holding onto the experience when things have gone badly.

To finish this up like everything in IT 99% of this stuff is clockwork. It’s not magic and in a lot of cases it’s not hard, it just requires you to be competent and have the time required to properly apply the trade you are skilled in. It’s that other 1%, the wisdom of your colleagues or that sense of speed you get from working at a place that makes it truly special.

It’s that 1% where the magic is.

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