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World Views

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Sustainability is arguably a buzzword but there are many who also see it as a shift in the way individuals, companies, societies governments, special interests are finally confronting conditions that will impact all of us. And there are plenty of reasons for the motivation.

EMC published its third annual Sustainability Report today.  Titled “Looking Inward, Outward, Ahead” 

 Sustainability report

The first report was more a brochure, last year we attained report status and this year’s 61 page document shows how our attention and commitments have grown.  Not that there wasn’t lots of activity here going back a couple of decades.  Just that now the diverse bits are being assembled (special credit to Maria Gorsuch Kennedy)  in a much more coherent and compelling way. 

You might ask, how come?

Every parent knows that very young children have a world view centered upon themselves. 

As kids grow, their world view expands (for some it may seem to take a very long time) and eventually passes through the phases of family-friends-school-church-community-state-country… and at last they have a more encompassing world view.  Factor in political, cultural, economic, geographic, historic conditions and it’s no wonder there are so many variations on the theme. 

By understanding the relative impacts from each of these factors, experience can broadly predict the likely world view of groups, if not individuals. 

I’d suggest that businesses go through similar phases – with much greater need to do it right and do it quickly.  Of course there are other compelling points of influence and Shellpressure too – economics, competitiveness and self-preservation high among them.

Like kids, companies grow and mature.  They develop personalities influenced by demographics, technology, economic conditions, management values and lots more.  Somewhere in there is also how a company sees itself as a leader.  What energy, talent and resources are put into all the facets of leadership – and why? 

Sustainability is arguably a buzzword but there are many who also see it as a shift in the way individuals, companies, societies governments, special interests are finally confronting conditions that will impact all of us.  And there are plenty of reasons for the motivation.

Take the example in today’s news that a Global Warming Study predicts smaller shifts in sea levels if Antarctica’s ice fully disintegrated.  Now they expect that sea levels would “only” rise about ten feet.  That’s half what they had predicted earlier. 

Small consolation if you are at the lower end of Manhattan when the tide comes in.

Everyone is needing to grow up a bit more and more quickly.  There is a lot to cover and a lot to learn.

EMC’s Sustainability Report covers an overall commitment to sustainability.  It also covers energy, the environment, citizenship, social investment, governance, integrity, supply chain and more.  Most importantly it reinforces our leadership’s commitment to sustainability and a mature world view.  It’s very appropriate timing, coming on the eve of EMC’s 30th anniversary of its founding and as we are ready to conduct the EMCWorld conference next week in Orlando.

Joe's sig We still have lots to learn and lots to do and we’re more intent about it than ever before.  Have a look at this report and you’ll see progress is being made.

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